We are two artists who are combining our love of art and our dogs to create art for dogs to play with and publications for humans to read.

We combine these toys and texts in ‘Doggie Bags’ for you to purchase, play with, put on a plinth or pull apart.

We believe everyone should have the chance to experience, own and enjoy art, whether that’s on a bookshelf or in a dog’s mouth. Dog Ear products encourage creativity, play, mental well-being and critical thinking. We want to change the way contemporary art is experienced, sidetracking the traditional gallery and bringing art into people’s homes.
Sustainability and slow making are central to Dog Ear. Our playful dog toy sculptures are handmade from pre-loved materials. The texts are printed in house at our studio, The Old Waterworks, on a risograph with soya based ink.

We hope our texts and toys are brainfood for both you and your beloved hound.

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